Congratulations to Central Minnesota Art Co-Op – the winner of the first round of the It Starts Here Challenge!  Check out their website and facebook page. *Subject to review and approval of the Princeton EDA.


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Welcome to Experience Princeton… It Starts Here


Thank you for checking out our website.  If you are looking to discover downtown Princeton, want to get involved, or find out what’s going on….you have come to the right place.  The Experience Princeton…It Starts Here project is a grassroots effort to revitalize downtown Princeton and is driven by a great group of active volunteers who care about downtown Princeton and are working to improve it one step at a time.


The whole idea behind the It Starts Here Project is to provide an excellent opportunity for the community to join together in welcoming new businesses into downtown and boost economic development.  We are really encouraged by the amount of participation that we are seeing so far – it is really coming together to be a great project. 

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What does "It Starts Here" mean anyway?

“It” can really mean different things to different people, but it starts with each of us as individuals choosing to shop locally, choosing to help bring in new business, choosing to help clean up our downtown and make it more attractive to residents, visitors, and new businesses alike.  Beyond that, “It Starts Here” could mean that Princeton might become a leader and example to other small towns and provide influence beyond the limits of our downtown in terms of really showing what community support and pride is all about.  We are taking responsibility for the future of our downtown by starting this initiative.


We have four committees working to improve downtown Princeton:  Marketing and Advertising; Business Acceleration; Downtown Clean-Up; and Downtown Design.  Please check out the separate pages to learn more about each group.


We want visitors AND residents alike to Experience Princeton – live, shop, work, and play here!


It is a great community!

What Lies Ahead???...

The long-term goal is to bring Princeton’s downtown to a revitalized state where all of the businesses and shops are busy and downtown is bustling with activity of local residents and visitors.  The idea is that these four committees might eventually morph into some type of downtown association or alliance or even join the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota’s Main Street Program.   The association or alliance or whatever it might be called would be dedicated to the development and promotion of downtown Princeton specifically.